Saturday, 7 April 2012

Marc Jacobs Perfume "Daisy Eau So Fresh"

This Perfume smells so sweet and lovely, and to top it off the bottle with the flowers on it is Gorgeous. 
 It is definitely on my wish list for my Birthday <3
Ankara xx

Daisy Eau So Fresh  by Marc Jacobs

Inexpensive Make-up

I absolutely LOVE make-up, here is some inexpensive make-up. 
That you can wear any time any where. Hope you like it :)

Foundation- Maybelline Fit me (shade Classic Ivory 120)
Press powder- Maybelline Fit me (shade Classic Ivory 120)
Concealer- Mode (shade Ivory)
Eye Shadow-  Essence (colour-Taupe of the pops)
Eye linear- Essence (colour- metallic)
Lip gloss- Rimmel "sweet jelly" (sherbet)
Lip care- Nivea "Fruity Shine" (strawberry)
Lipstick- Mode (antique rose)
Blush- Bayonelle (light pink)
(The blush and lipstick are not the same brand as the picture)